Army Of The Dead

Trailer for Army of the Dead, This is the zombie world of the new Zack Snyder

A zombie in Zack Snyder’s new movie Army of the Dead is fast, evolved, aware, and able to fight in packs. There are undead in this movie, and them and a bunch of criminals on a mission to do the biggest robbery ever. Fans will not be surprised given his work on films such as 300, Justice League, and Watchmen. We approach them like wolves, the director wrote concerning the film’s zombies. Snyder told SensaCine this and other things at the trailer presentation.

After being behind Dawn of the Dead’s camera in 2004, the director returns to the world with Army of the Dead. ‘He just published his first preview on Netflix, which premiered May 21. The streaming service published the trailer on these lines. Snyder has revealed several details and curiosities below:

The World of Army Of The Dead

In the movie’s opening sequence, the zombie virus has already begun in Las Vegas. To contain it, walls have been built. Entering this territory will not be easy for Scott Ward and his team, which has been tasked with stealing a large amount of money. The zombies in Snyder’s film are different from other zombies we are familiar with. Ah! And animals don’t go unharmed either.

As the director has told during the event, there are two types of zombies in Army of the Dead. A normal person is slow. An Alpha person is another. According to the director’s own words, the undead is undead “evolved who has wolves’ speed and can fight in packs. ” They also each have individual blood colors.

As for the animals, tigers and horses are among the animals afflicting by the virus, as shown in the trailer. The only ones immune are birds. “We decided that birds would be immune … If birds had the zombie virus, it would be problematic.”

Army Of The Dead
Army Of The Dead

Not Just A Riddles And Zombies Movie

This story’s protagonist, Scott Ward, gives life to Bautista. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor had not only to be vulnerable, but he also had to be able to fight against a zombie, says director Zack Snyder about the casting.

The character of Bautista is the leader of the team working to steal money from Las Vegas. Ella Purnell played Kate Ward, and she got the chance to go on the mission. There is an important father-daughter relationship as well.

As well as Bautista and Purnell, the film also includes Ana de la Reguera, who plays Cruz. One of the key characters is played by Matthias Schweighöfer, a safety expert. “He steals the show,” says Bautista. The rest of the cast also stars in the film.

Army Of The Dead
Army Of The Dead

A Prequel And An Animation Series

A prequel to Army of the Dead and an anime series will follow. Schweighöfer, the actor in the film, will direct Army of Thieves, in which Who will reveal the character’s past and how he became enamored with safes.

Aside from that, animated fiction will reveal where the undead comes from, and you may even see zombie dogs in it in addition to being something “psychedelic.” Snyder estimates a runtime of 2.5 hours.

Army Of The Dead
Army Of The Dead


A History Going Back Years Ago

Since Dawn of the Dead was released in 2004, the idea of Army of the Dead has haunted Snyder’s mind. To create an immersive world in which one could play with the rules of the cinematic universe, the director recounts, “I became obsessed with a certain tone and genre related to the zombie genre.

According to Snyder, he and his team are planning to do another version of the Dead’s Army once they finish Dawn of the Dead. The idea finally stayed in a drawer. That is until the director became interested in her again. “Shay [Hatten, screenwriter] came up with this great story, and it turned out crazy. It is thrilling to make a movie of this size.

Army Of The Dead
Army Of The Dead

The final thing Snyder has said he likes most about this project is how it changes how we see zombies. “In this movie, in particular, it was deconstructing what a zombie is and who are the bad guys. The good guys and how you subvert expectations with how you feel about zombies. ”

Army Of The Dead Trailor:

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