Stranger Things prepares us for season 4 with this disturbing video.

Stranger Things prepares us for season 4 with this disturbing video

The countdown has begun. Stranger Things season 4 is very close and Netflix wants us to return to Hawkins. He has created a video for this purpose that shows Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown ) within the lab. They also experiment with other children and we see door 11 close up, which is the protagonist’s room. “Eleven, are you listening?” Asks a voice-over.

The description of the video on YouTube is even more enigmatic: “002/004”. We can assume from this that it’s the second of several videos to be released ahead of the trailer or first images. Additionally, the Fourth installment was announced to be in production by the company.

Stranger Things prepares us for season 4 with this disturbing video

There haven’t been any similar teasers recently, so where is that first trailer that is supposed to mark the beginning of the countdown? On February 14, 2020, Hopper ( David Harbor ) was confirmed alive in a teaser titled ‘From Russia with love…’, but he is also being detained by Russian authorities on the Kamchatka peninsula. It is likely that he is a long way from Hawkins. Even so, the danger does not cease, and with his help, we will face new challenges.

According to the just-released teaser, the new chapters will also examine the experiments that led to Eleven’s powers. On the other hand, due to the fact the previous preview was released in February 2020, we can expect the next one to come out in a few months… or next week. This aspect does not seem to be clear at all.

Stranger Things’ fourth season promises to be even scarier, and it will be more mature, too, since the kids will be teens. ” As we get older as people, we also have to grow as characters. This issue is something they have to deal with. But I think they have accepted it and used it to their advantage,” revealed Gaten Matarazzo in Entertainment Tonight.

There is still no news regarding the release date. Producer Shawn Levy has stated that the pandemic has caused a huge delay in the filming of new episodes, which inevitably results in a long delay in their release. “But it has had a positive impact on the work of the Duffer brothers, since it has allowed them, for the first time, to write the entire season before recording.”

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