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No more filler in The Walking Dead: The final season will start big and bluntly

The Walking Dead team is committed to fixing one of the most common criticisms of the show in its final season. Showrunner Angela Kang has promised that the last installment will start straight with no detours. So it’s much better not to watch the filler episodes that didn’t suit my taste but that the team thought were vital to developing the characters’ plots.

Aside from the six additional episodes commissioned by surprise to complete Season 10. The new chapters of zombie fiction have focused on individual plots and the protagonists’ past. We can watch Eugene ( Josh McDermitt ), Princess ( Paola Lazaro ), and company continue to unfold within the new community. The Commonwealth witnesses the Negan-Maggie drama and its confrontation with the villains who have escaped from Maggie.

“When the final season begins, we are moving forward and moving forward,” Kang promises in remarks to TVLine. “We are back to be big and ambitious.”

“There is going to be a feeling that things are moving forward already in the first block. Then we will look for some different hues that we are used to in the series, which we hope will be a lot of fun for the audience.”

No more filler in The Walking Dead

“I think it’s just a mix,” Kang points out when asked by TVLine what new different tone we will get to see when drama, chilling horror, extreme action, bittersweet romance, and even some comic relief have already been played. “And as we get to know more than one kind of new community, each story will have its vibe. So some of them might be targeting genres that haven’t been explored before.”

“My hope is that it continues to be perceived that we continue to find new things, even in the final season. But also that we are moving forward.”

The Walking Dead Season 11 will be the longest to date. There will be 24 episodes, divided into several blocks. In our imagination, there are 8 episodes. In August, Fox Spain releases AMC’s premiering film simultaneously and simultaneously with the premiere of Fox’s first film.

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