Mortal Kombat: One of the actors hints at the return in the sequel of this dead character

Mortal Kombat: One of the actors hints at the return in the sequel of this dead character

The film adaptation of Mortal Kombat, the famous video game, is one of the latest blockbusters. Despite its quick release in theaters on April 16 and its rising reputation among Spanish audiences. The film has remained at the top of the Top 10 premieres in Spain for quite some time. Though Warner Bros. has good data both in the US and outside the country, they have yet to announce a sequel. For Mortal Kombat 2, fans have already cast their favorite actors such as Ryan Reynolds as Johnny Cage and Gal Gadot as Kitana. With a potential sequel in the offing, some wonder what will happen to the deceased character from Simon McQuoid’s film. We may see him again shortly, according to the actor who portrays him.

We are talking about Kung Lao, played by Max Huang in Mortal Kombat. This is the only character on Earth to die before the film’s final battle. When the Emperor of Outworld Shang Tsung manages to enter with his henchmen in the place where Cole Young and the rest of Earth’s champions are training. Do we expect to see Kung Lao again in a continuation of the film after his death?

Mortal Kombat: Huang said on Twitter:

“Kung Lao fans, listen to me! As Albert Einstein said: ‘Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms,” the interpreter publishes.

In his words, it seems that Kung Lao may still appear in Mortal Kombat 2. If he was ever dead, it should be interesting to see how this second installment reveals his return from the dead.

Who was unaware of his legacy when he was born. With Sub-Zero ( Joe Taslim ) sent by the Emperor of Outworld to Earth in order to destroy him and those who bear the same symbol, the protagonist is forced to join forces with the other champions who have decided to train and protect the destiny of Earth.

On this note, don’t miss our interview with Lewis Tan and Mehcad Brooks, who portray Cole Young and Jax. Check out the trailer below.

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