Fitrat Episode 12


Fitrat Episode 12, Aired on Sunday on 15th November 2020, At 9:00 PM by Geo TV Drama Channel. Viewers can watch Fitrat, Drama Episode 12 on 15th November 2020 in HD Quality on Geo TV Dramas Online.

7th Sky Entertainment Presents Fitrat on Geo TV. Saboor Aly and Zain Baig are playing the leading role. Saboor Aly is acting as Faarya. Ali Abbas is acting as Shahbaz in Drama Fitrat. Both actors played this role very well and received a positive review, with praise for Saboor’s performance.

Fitrat Drama Story:

The story of this upcoming drama revolves around the relationship issues between wife and husband due to gold digger girl Faarya. Faarya(Saboor Aly) is a very selfish girl who just loves money and doesn’t care about the emotions and feelings of their loved ones.

She trapped her boss Shehbaz. Shehbaz is already married and enjoying his life with the family but due to traped by Farrya Shahbaz leaves his family and wife Maliha and marries his colleague Farrya. As we all know that Farrya just loves Shahbaz’s money and doesn’t care about his feeling and emotions. Very soon Shahbaz knows about the reality of Farrya and he throws outside his life and they get divorced.

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Drama Cast:

  • Saboor Aly (Faarya)
  • Zain Baig
  • Zubab Rana
  • Ali Abbas (Shahbaz)
  • Maryam Nafees
  • Ayesha Gul
  • Saif Hassan
  • Seemi Pasha
  • Farhan Ally Agha

Fitrat Director and Production:

Written By:

Nuzhat Saman

Directed By:

Asad Jabal

Produced By:

7th Sky Entertainment.

Drama Release Date:

2nd November 2020

Drama Schedule / Timing:

From 2nd November 2020, on Every Monday at 9:00 pm on Geo TV.

Fitrat Episode 12 Teaser:


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