Dominic Purcell leaves 'Legends of Tomorrow': "I have no interest"

Dominic Purcell leaves ‘Legends of Tomorrow’: “I have no interest”

Dominic Purcell has communicated that he is leaving Legends of Tomorrow with a text that directly attacks the studio. The actor has said that he does not intend to continue playing Mick Rory, as he has been doing since the series began in 2016.

According to Purcell, The CW’s work with him ended when he published – and later deleted – an article implying that his involvement with them had come to an end. Shortly thereafter, he confirmed the ‘showrunner’ Philip Klemmer had agreed for it to return “periodically.”

In a message shared on his Instagram, Dominic Purcell made it very clear what he meant. “It has been a pleasure and a humbling experience to bring this tongue-in-cheek DC character. Heat Wave, aka Mick Rory, to life. I ripped this character apart. No actor in the world could have done better .”

There is no agreement. I have no interest. Whatever money they give me at the corporate level, I’m leaving ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

This actor has taken the study down from the social media network for citing it in another part of his text. Purcell added, after being contacted by Warner Bros. Television, “The work ethic and talent of the actors should give them the confidence to question authority. Much love to all of you.”

Who assured, season 6 of Legends of Tomorrow premieres on May 2 and the future of fiction. Since in February Who renewed it for a seventh installment. In the publication that he has already deleted, he announced that he would leave the series at the end of season 6, which would coincide with the end of his contract.

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